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PAYMENTS: Any payments made through this site or its links are considered voluntary payments. By processing your payment, neither Rose and Associates nor its client is agreeing to be bound by a payment arrangement, unless you have received a written letter or signed settlement agreement from Rose and Associates specifying the terms of a payment arrangement. Payments made by you or on your behalf shall be applied to reduce the debt you owe to our client. You must provide your complete name and claim number. If we are handling more than one claim in your name and you do not identify by claim number which claim your payments are to be applied to, we may apply your payment to any claim in your name at our option. If you have not received a written letter or settlement agreement from us agreeing to payment arrangements, please contact us at 303-839-1232 or 800-283-8786, before utilizing this link to make a payment. Before sending what you believe to be either a payment in full or a final payment to us, please contact us at one of these telephone numbers to verify the amount of the payment you intend to make.


You do have options. If you are unsure of your options and need to talk to a collection specialist, do not hesitate to call our offices at 303-839-1232 or 800-283-8786. We have experienced agents standing by to assist you.

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